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Alumni Speak

Modernite Success Talk by: Faraz Nomani

‘Modernite Success Talk’ by Faraz Nomani of class 2012 took place on 24 December, 2022

Thank you for pushing me out…

Thank you for pushing me out.... Modern school nurtured me right from the base to

The empowerment that a student gets in school helps him/her forever

We were able to experience a sense of freedom and empowerment, even as young students…

A thankful alumnus gives credit to his school for shaping his career successfully

The motto ‘Learning without fear' imbibed in me the confidence to ask questions when necessary

An alumnus of Modern school thanks the school for helping him in his personal and professional life

I am still following the principles in my life… I feel very privileged to be

Modernites are not only professional winners but also personal life winners…

“Discipline without fear” and “Relationship with unconditional regards” both are the facts that made me

A proud Modernite thanks the school for teaching him life skills

A proud Modernite thanks the school for teaching him life skills I, Kaushik Trehan an

A big thank to the Modern family

Anisha Singh is thankful to her school and the teachers for her selection in one

My School has taught me everything required to turn out into a responsible individual

I’m pursuing MBBS from D Y Patil University School of Medicine,Navi Mumbai. My School has

School has taught me and nurtured me to bring out the best version of me

Designing is all about putting yourself ; your ideas out there for the world, and

The interviewer wrote -Excellent Critical thinking Skills- on my papers

“Learning without Cramming” was what teachers at Modern School always told us and Trust me

When the base is strong, the journey tends to get better

The journey of life started off in school before we realise it. When the base