Senior Software Development Engineer at Meta…

Faraz Nomani, a proud graduate of Modern School, has been on a journey in Computer Science and Engineering at AKTU, where his passion for technology was nurtured and flourished. Faraz now serves as a Senior Software Development Engineer at Meta, formerly known as Facebook.

During his time at Modern School, Faraz and his peers actively participated in numerous competitions, representing the school in over 30 events across India. From IT quizzes to programming competitions and game designing challenges, they embraced every opportunity to showcase their skills and expertise. These experiences not only provided invaluable learning opportunities but also created cherished memories that Faraz holds dear to this day.

Grateful for the solid foundation laid by Modern School, Faraz expresses his hope that current students continue to uphold the tradition of participating in such events, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

He fondly states “My love for computer science was seeded at Modern School. I genuinely believe we had the best school level exposure to computer science in India! I remember between 9th and 12th standard, my friends and I represented our school in around ~30 different competitions across India! From IT Quizzes, programming competitions to game designing, we did everything.

Those are some of the best memories of my life (Helped by the fact that we won quite a lot of those)! I hope Modern school and its students are taking forward the tradition of competing at similar events.I love my job! I always wanted to be a software engineer since I was in school, and I am grateful that I get to be one! Having worked with Amazon, Walmart and now Meta – I couldn’t have wished for more.”

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