Festival Celebrations

Preservation of traditions and culture is part of the duties of a school

Festivals are an integral part of a community and celebrating them together with your friends and family is part of our culture which we try to imbibe in our students.

At Modern School every year we ensure that our children celebrate all the major festivals of our country with equal fervor and enthusiasm and value the importance of celebrating them.

Our National Festivals

The celebration of national festivals creates a feeling of patriotism in young minds and helps them understand the importance of a ‘United Nation’. The two major festivals that we celebrate are the Republic Day and Independence Day. On these days, the head boy and girl initiate the Flag hoisting followed by the singing of the National Anthem. The director of the school also speaks a few words on our duties of being a good citizen of India.

Some Other Festivals

Festivals provide us with the break and add color, joy, and brightness to our lives. The celebration brings students closer to traditional and cultural belief. Apart from building relationships and friendship, such a celebration brings happiness and love amongst the students. Some festivals and events which are celebrated in the school are – Dusshera, Janamashtami, Rakshabandhan, Dhamma day, J. Krishnamurti’s birthday, etc.

Teaches them to be Responsible

As a mindful school, we just don’t celebrate the festivals without thinking (mindlessly). The community ( management, teachers, and children) of  Modern School always believe to be in the present moment and celebrate festivals accordingly.