Our Mission

Modern School's Mission

“Children starting school today, will enter careers that do not yet exist, using technology that hasn’t been invented yet.”

The purpose of schools is to prepare children for life. We, at Modern School, have built our core exactly around that mission – ‘Education for Life’.

The purpose of Modern School is to prepare children for life, building in our children the capacities, skills and values to lead a happy and successful life. To develop lifelong learners, inquirers and thinkers who are mindful, courageous and compassionate.

5 Skills for Life

The 5 IB Skills, with its various sub-skills, are the most important aspect of student development; shifting focus from the question ‘What the child can recall?’ to ‘What the child can do?’

At Modern School the regularly trained teachers prepare detailed plans with world class teaching methodologies which ensures development and use of these skills among children.

10 Attributes for Life

Knowledge gets obsolete every few years. What science or geography we learn in school today, we may never use it in our lives. But what is actually of use is to prepare capabilities in children so that they are ready to face any kind of future. They must learn ‘how to learn’ so that they are independent learners for lives.

The 10 attributes is the final goal of the Modern School’s curriculum. Once children develop these 10 attributes in them, they are ready to face any challenge and be successful and happy in life.