Modern School Library: Takshila

TAKSHILA: the school library

Centre for learning

A library is a source of learning

A  school’s library is an important source of knowledge for young minds. It inculcates the habit of reading in children. We always make sure that our library is updated with the latest versions of different genres of books. 

Books for all age groups

We have an elaborate collection of picture and storybooks for our kindergarteners who love their trip to the library. They also have story-telling sessions by our Librarian which they thoroughly enjoy. For the Primary section, we have the entire series of Enid Blytons, Sudha Murthy, Amar Chitra Katha, Encyclopedias and many many more. For the senior section, there are various careers related and academic reference books that they can use. There is an extensive range of visual and teaching aids in the library that can be helpful in making the children learn in a fun-filled way. 

Books for teachers training and reference

We also have books that cater to our teachers as we believe that if there is an all-round development of the teachers, then only they can give their best to the children. Some of them include the books on practicing mindfulness, yoga, and meditation which help in the personality development of the entire school. 

Open-use system

The culture in the  Modern school library is very much different from the other libraries as we do not command and control the children as to which books they can read or which they cannot. The library is an open-use system and students have the freedom to choose books from a wide range. It helps in creating intrinsic motivation in the students about reading. If any student finds any interesting facts or new things, he /she willingly shares them with others so that everyone could gain knowledge.

Why is our library named Taxila?

Taxila was a noted center of learning for several centuries BCE. Chanakya and Panini composed their scholarly works there. It was also a center for Buddhism and continued to attract students from around the world.