Parent Education Programs

Parenting, by far, is the most important and yet challenging job to have with little recognition. Hardly any parent gets training in good parenthood. Parents are considered as the primary caregivers; therefore it is essentially important for them to have a proper training in the same. Especially preparing the parents to support the school for 21st-century international education – child-centered, individual attention, HOTS, many skills, stress-free relationships and learning, and EI.

As the alma mater, it has to ensure proper home support and so has to help in increasing the parents’ knowledge in ways to encourage nurturing behaviour, stress-free relationships, open-hearted listening, and also their knowledge of constructivist child development.

We help them imbibe our culture

The school’s culture is of nurturing the child and giving him a stress free environment, not to command and control the child. Our main purpose to educate the parents is to make them connected with the school social system. Often families struggle with behavioral issues including lack of encouragement of children, inappropriate child supervision which leads them to give stress and punishment to the children. This is where a school like ours intervenes and gives support to the parents to help them deal with such difficult situations.

We recognize our positive parents by making the school’s ambassadors and that helps them in intrinsic motivation to educate other parents and families.  

The pattern of the parent education program

We hold regular meetings with the parents and have a one to one conversation with them about the problems that they face at home. They are called Parent Teacher Child Meeting (PTCM).

  •         We conduct online Zoom sessions for them to present to them our different approaches to learning and teaching methodologies.
  •         We keep sending motivational videos and texts through our Lernio app in order to educate them about various aspects like firsthand learning, HOTS development in children, the Inquiry method, stress-free learning, importance of listening, EI and others, as mentioned above.
  •         We utilize special events of the school like SLC, Cognito, etc. to educate the parents about the importance of building skills and strengths in children. Also, the importance of teamwork, how it teaches the child to be open-minded and confident.

The benefits of educating parents

It promotes the use of positive parenting practices, such as using positive language, planned discipline leading to self-discipline, and family routines. It also encourages nurturing behavior and increases parents’ knowledge of child development and communication styles. The home becomes a reinforcer of the school’s effort.

Keeping the parents in the loop gives them a sense of responsibility. Involving them in the child’s learning gives them a feeling of ownership and it also helps the school to follow its daily curriculum smoothly. A connected parent is definitely an asset to a school.