COGNITO – The Joy of Learning

Two Annual Creativity Fairs

Maths and Science Cognito


The most coveted of these events: Maths and Science Cognito’s are also the most sought-after events of them all.  The students from Grade Nursery to Grade 12 participate in these events with extreme enthusiasm. They create different models, posters and activities on a wide range of topics from Maths and Science. The students showcase their understanding through their presentations. The event is a very popular event of the school and it is attended by the entire parent community as well as outsiders. It is quite interesting to see parents being educated by their own children. This event aids in the enhancement of the learning of the children while instilling confidence in them.


Mathematics is not about equations, algorithms, number or computations; it is about understanding patterns in the world

Maths usually is considered as one of the toughest subjects to master. Some children have this inevitable fear of mathematics also called the ‘Maths Phobia’. However, the students of Modern School do not consider Maths as a burden because their learning is quite different from other schools. Maths is taught to them with the help of problem-solving,  many fun-filled activities and different techniques. The Maths Cognito is one such Educational Activity to teach maths to children in a fun and enjoyable way. They choose the topics of their choice and they do a lot of inquiry on it, then they present their findings in different ways and methods. The Cognito is a reflection of their learning and we can feel that they love to present in their unique cognitions. The day is fun-filled for the children as well as the parents. There is however a lot of planning and research involved by the students and the teachers. When parents and other guests appreciate the whole endeavor of the school in the form of amazing feedback and ‘Thank you’ notes.


Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge

The Science Cognito is an educational activity for students involving experiments or construction of models in one of the science disciplines chosen by the students with the help of their respective teachers. Students present their projects at the Cognito with immense enthusiasm and fervor. The types of projects presented by the students are in the form of Experimental, Display or Theoretical patterns. Again the day is very educational for the parents and other guests and is appreciated a lot by the parent fraternity of the school. Other students from various schools also come to see and learn from the different projects presented by our students. All in all it a win-win situation where both the students and the guests, all are benefited by the whole event


The school continues to be number one in school innovation events in the state of UP. In the grandest and latest fair organized by Times of India, Lucknow, it was first in the state.

The school believes in the overall development of its children and for this to happen, it advocates the fact that a school’s curriculum must be a perfect blend of curricular and co-curricular activities. Over the entire session, the school organizes various events which are quite enriching when it comes to the development of our children.