Mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and freedom from stress

What is it like to be mindful?

A mindful person sees reality as it is. A mindless person sees reality according to his own preconceptions. The children of the school are being made sensitive to mindfulness through weekly classes throughout the session. In the morning students’ assembly the prayer and a quotation of J Krishnamurti daily spoken, makes the children more mindful.

The school’s culture

The school has a culture of peacefulness and stress-free relationships.

The teachers also practice mindfulness meditation daily every morning. They have a meditation and Yoga session every day before school starts. When these teachers go to the classes to teach, they create and support a culture of stress-free relationships and mindfulness. 


Mindful and emotionally intelligent children are more mentally and physically healthy, caring, and balanced in their behavior. 

Benefits of being emotionally intelligent

An emotionally intelligent person is capable of being connected to all kinds of people in a harmoniously or transactional manner, as the other person permits. Being emotionally intelligent is an essential requirement of being a good leader. It is the requirement of the 21st-century world of work

Our future goals

We also plan to teach mindfulness to children’s family members as soon as the course materials are ready.

Our ultimate aim is to spread awareness throughout our city of Lucknow so that each and every person practices mindfulness and becomes an emotionally intelligent person because in this process we aim to create a better and peaceful world.