Focusing on the School’s Progress

Every year our school celebrates the Annual day in the ‘Sarnath’ Auditorium. The school’s annual day is the culmination of its academic year. It is that time of the year where we celebrate and recognize the school’s as well as the students’ achievements. It gives the students an opportunity to showcase their unique talents and achievements. The school’s annual report is also read.

It is an opportunity for experiencing teamwork amongst our peers and being proud of what the school’s ideology is and what it stands for.

Course of Events

The annual day celebration is spread over three days, one day is for the Pre-Primary section, the second one is for the PYP section and the third for classes sixth to twelfth. All the program events are selected very carefully on the basis of their importance and value to the audiences.

Dancing and Singing Performances

The program starts with the welcoming of the guests followed by the school prayer. The events include various meaningful dance, dramatics and song performances by the students. In the previous session, we tried to address various environmental issues through our students’ performances like ‘Say no to Plastic’ and ‘Unity in Diversity’. Also, we have storytelling sessions and poem recitations as fillers in between performances.

Annual Report

We believe that giving responsibilities to children increases their self-confidence and leadership skills; therefore the Annual report is read out accompanied by a ppt,  by the schools’ Head boy and girl.

Full Participation

The school ensures that there is a hundred percent participation from the students as each child is special and important for us and we believe that every child must be given an opportunity to develop talents, showcase their talents, and harness their skills and attributes through such public performances.

 All in all the entire objective of having an annual day in the school is to create a harmonious connection of parents with the school and their children and letting them appreciate and enjoy their child’s talent.