Rising Star

RISING STAR - An inter-school event

An opportunity to showcase talent
Every year the school organises an inter- school competition called the Rising Stars It is a very interesting ‘Kids Carnival’ for kids aging from 3 to 6 years.It is a competition in which prestigious play schools participate.Children showcase their talent in front of huge crowds, parents, teachers and gain lots of  confidence.

List of competitions
The event is organised in the school’s auditorium ‘ the Sarnath Hall’. The judging panel comprises principals from different schools. There are about four competitions which the jury has to judge, namely:

1. Story telling
It is amazing when our budding story tellers narrate short moral stories with expressions and voice modulations. Indeed a sight to watch the confidence with which they demonstrate their talent.

2. Fancy Dress competition
This competition gets very interesting when we see all sorts of characters around us. The fancy dress is popular amongst the parents too as they enjoy dressing their kids in different attires. It gives the parents also a chance to showcase their talent.

3. Clay modelling
Clay modelling is a way to enhance the hand- eye coordination and also refine our motor skills. The kids use different coloured clays to create objects like animals, flowers etc. while using their creative imagination.

4. Drawing
Drawing, colouring and painting are very recreational. They also act as a stress-buster. This competition is loved by all as many kids are able to participate in it and use their thinking and creative skills.

Productive and constructive approach
The purpose of this competition is to instill confidence in children. It also gives a platform to new parents to interact with each other and share their experiences.
The competitions that are organised in this event promote creative and constructivist approach of learning in children.