Staff Development

 A living human being learns all the time to excel in one’s profession. Teaching is an on-going professional activity rather than something that can be mastered once and for all through the acquisition of a restricted set of skills. It needs to be refreshed and developed with the passage of time as new ideas and approaches towards teaching and learning are discovered. This emphasizes the need for development activities for staff to update and enhance their professional skills. We at Modern school intensely believe in developing and empowering our teachers, both as persons and as professionals.

Regular Development and Training workshops

  • Every 2nd and 4th Saturday, the school is closed for children to organize training and development workshops for teachers. In the future, these days will be used to train the parents also.
  • It is a compulsory program for teachers of Pre-primary, Primary, Middle and Senior school departments.
  • About 450 hours per session are used for thus empowering the teachers, and attendance is mandatory for every staff member.
  • The sessions are conducted by our rector & founder, our leadership team, experienced teachers and guest lectures from IB personnel
  • There is a pre-set agenda for each workshop that includes topics like Mindfulness Meditation, Emotional Intelligence, Inquiry method, IB policies, First-hand mind/learning, HOTS development in children, etc.

Benefits of development in staff members

  • Teachers teach better and better
  • Helps the teachers to implement various novel teaching methodologies in the curriculum
  • Reduces variations in quality in the classes 
  • Group work enhances harmonious relationships amongst all the staff members, parents, and the school management
  • Gives the teachers a platform to develop their training skills 
  • Gives them the confidence to deal with difficult situations
  • It makes them stress-free life in the school and gives them joy for working and taking care of each child


We believe that the development of the staff will lead to the development of the children as well as the parents and therefore the approach that we follow here is likely to create an interpersonal, caring environment, with a shared commitment. Such a commitment of the Alma Mater plays an important role in creating a  facilitative and connected climate. As the motto of the school is also to ‘Know thyself’, staff development gives an opportunity for teachers to know their real selves.