Digital Classrooms

Our virtual classrooms are ‘technology-enabled’ which equips our teachers to foster 21st-century education in our children when neither the teachers nor the students can visit the school campus. 

Apart from being fully air-conditioned with a power backup, they have sophisticated projectors, speakers and internet connection. The students have supervised access to tablets for our inquiry-based learning. The growing demand for being tech-savvy is truly overwhelming.

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I apply and I understand. (Confucius)

It is often said that the children understand better if they see it,  experience it and apply it. Our major part of the curriculum includes various educational videos that can be watched in the classroom with the help of projectors in each classroom. All the inquiry-based visual and experiential learning is done through various educational sites, viewed via the projector and labs/teaching aids. This enables the children to understand better. Apart from videos many quizzes, puzzles, poems, stories are played with the help of the projectors that aid in the learning process.

For group tasks, we provide pads to each group, and to ensure that only relevant content is viewed by our children appropriate content filters are installed. It is quite intriguing when the children work in groups and use the tablets to do extensive inquiry-based learning and teaching each other. It is a very effective method of learning because it’s enjoyable and comprehensible.

Parents are given an important role

The parent and teacher fraternity keep in touch with each other through our Lernio app.  We believe that the parents have all the right to relish every little achievement of their child, therefore all the activities that children do in the classroom, be it a role-play or a group task, it is recorded by the teacher and sent to the parents through our Lernio app. The attendance, homework, notices and fees payment all can be done by the Lernio and it can also be accessed by any Smartphone from anywhere. There is also a parents’ desk on the app. which can be used by the parents for any sort of communication with the school management.  

Tech-savvy teachers

The teachers have laptops which help them to keep records of the students’ progress and lesson planning. This saves them their time and energy which they use to utilize in spending qualitatively with the children. With a class size as small as 20 to 28 students per class, it is easier to use the technology and help children experience the real world through the virtual world.