Principal’s message

The school stands for protecting and nurturing the hearts and minds of the children. Respecting the individuality of the children. We consider the parents and the grandparents as a part of the institution. Modernites perform well in their life because of the non-violent, empathetic, and transparent environment provided to them. They are given voice and choice. The teachers are trained and made to realize that their duties have to be carried out as their ‘Dharma’. The children grow mentally and emotionally courageous because of the following processes: 

  • Learning without cramming
  • Excellence without stress
  • Discipline without fear
  • Relationships of mutual regard

The foundation, being inspired by the neo Buddhist- Shri J. Krishnamurti, the environment is peaceful. Our founder Shri Rakesh Kapoor’s quote “Knowing thyself is the act of remaining attentive to the continuous unending changes  in the universe- in every thing that we feel and are aware of. To be alert to ever new reality, to surrender yourself, your identity to it”, helps me to grow as an individual and make the school a better place to work and learn.


Ms. Meena Kane