Throughout her time at Modern School, Tanya cultivated…

Tanya Sahni, a proud alumna of Modern School from the class of 1999. Throughout her time at Modern School, Tanya cultivated invaluable qualities such as sincerity, communication skills, and a positive attitude towards life, laying the foundation for her future endeavours.

Tanya expresses profound gratitude towards Modern School for its pivotal role in shaping her career and character. Tanya acknowledges the invaluable guidance and support she received from her teachers, including Kapoor Sir and Principal Meena Ma’am, who inspired her.

Equipped with a B.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics followed by a Master’s in Nutrition, Tanya has ventured into entrepreneurship as the co-owner of HealthZone and GlamorZone. Her entrepreneurial journey is a result of the enduring impact of the values and learnings instilled by Modern School, which continue to shape her as both a professional and an individual. In her heart, Tanya remains forever indebted to her alma mater, recognizing its profound influence in moulding her into the person she is today.

“Modern School, my Alma Mater, has played a pivotal role in my career. I owe a lot to my school, my teachers, Kapoor Sir and Principal Meena Ma’am. They have been the guiding light in my path. The values and learnings that I imbibed from school have shaped me as a person and an entrepreneur. I will always remain indebted to school.”

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