Forged a career as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Army…

Salil Jain, from the class of 1999, has forged a career as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Army, serving in the Corps of Engineers. His journey into military service was sparked by the Kargil war in 1999-2000, driving him to dedicate himself to the defence of his nation. Throughout his service, Salil has traversed every corner of the country, contributing to various missions and operations. Beyond his military duties, Salil is also an accomplished writer, channelling his creativity into poetry as a cherished hobby for many years.

Known for his amiable disposition and problem-solving acumen, Salil is revered as a people-person and a dependable leader within his ranks. His natural inclination towards exploration and learning has driven him to push his boundaries, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Embracing optimism as a guiding principle, Salil finds joy in seeking the silver lining in every situation, fostering a culture of positivity and resilience.

Reflecting on his time at Modern School, Salil offers sage advice to current and future students, urging them to cherish their school years and forge lifelong connections. He encourages them to savour every moment, make enduring friendships, and remain connected to their alma mater. As he fondly reminisces, “Enjoy your school life, it will never come back again. Make lifelong friends and stay connected.”

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