Modernite 1993, has a remarkable career as a Fighter Pilot…

Manish Sharma, Modernite 1993, has a remarkable career as a Fighter Pilot in the Indian Air Force, following his qualifications from the prestigious National Defence Academy. As a testament to his exemplary service and leadership, Manish has been honoured with the President’s Gold Medal for the best Cadet during his time at NDA. His dedication to service extends beyond national borders, as he served with distinction in the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission on deputation for a year in Sudan (Africa) as an Air Operations Officer.

Reflecting on his formative years at Modern School, Manish emphasises the enduring values instilled by the institution’s ethos, particularly highlighting the principles set forth by Kapoor Sir – Students First, Always and Every Time. He encourages students to embrace a holistic approach to life, advocating for balance between academic pursuits, extracurricular activities, and social engagement. 

Manish extends his best wishes to current and future students, emphasising the importance of wholesome support, constructive guidance, and constant encouragement as the hallmarks of Modern School’s legacy. He states “I am sure that the basic DNA of the school set by Kapoor Sir – Students First, Always and Everytime– will continue to be the guiding force for all and take the School to greater glory. Be an all-rounder, study, play, socialise, enjoy. Be a good human being. Best wishes ahead. Future holds a great journey ahead for you. Wholesome support, constructive guidance and constant encouragement are the hallmarks of Modern School.”

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