Represents the values of resilience and determination…

Vineeta Balani, an alumna from the class of 1999, represents the values of resilience and determination instilled at Modern School. With a Chartered Accountant qualification from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Vineeta’s journey towards success is characterised by exceptional achievements. Having achieved the highest marks in the CA Foundation in May 2000 and completing her CA in May 2004, Vineeta has consistently demonstrated her ability to surpass academic challenges. Today, she serves as the Lead Financial Planning and Analysis at HCL Technologies, where her expertise and strategic acumen play a pivotal role in driving organisational success.

Reflecting on her formative years at Modern School, Vineeta attributes her triumphs to her unwavering determination and the strong educational foundation laid at the school. Vineeta fondly recalls, “My determination to compete with myself was so strong that rest all was weak. And here I stand a proud student of Modern School winning over all obstacles of life. I did wonders because the seeds and roots of my education were so strong that nothing could shake me.” These words echo the indomitable spirit that defines the ethos of Modern School and its alumni.

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