A graduate of Modern School from the class of 1993…

Neeraj Agarwal, a graduate of Modern School from the class of 1993, has established himself as a prominent figure in the fields of technology and business. Holding a Master of Science degree from the University of Connecticut, a Master of Engineering degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Technology degree from the prestigious IIT Kanpur, Neeraj’s academic credentials are formidable.

Currently serving as the CEO of SRM TechSol Pvt. Ltd., a software company with a diverse clientele in the USA, and as the Managing Director of SRM SmartHoops Pvt. Ltd., a Mercedes-Benz Car Dealership, Neeraj exhibits his versatility in both the technology and automotive sectors.

Neeraj’s achievements extend beyond his professional endeavours, as evidenced by his publication of five peer-reviewed journal technical papers in the fields of Data Mining and AI. His exceptional contribution to academia earned him the prestigious ‘Horwood Critique Prize’ for the best paper at MIT in 2002. Additionally, Neeraj’s dedication is evident through his role as a board member for the IIT Kanpur Alumni Association, where he also serves as President.

Reflecting on his formative years at Modern School, Neeraj emphasises the importance of openness and humility in the pursuit of knowledge, values instilled in him during his time at the school. He states, “Learning is very important for professional life. But to learn one needs to be open-minded and have humility. These two important pillars of learning I picked up at Modern School. At school I learnt to be fearless, open-minded and humble.”

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