I am delighted with the way the kids are taught at Modern School

My son is studying in 1st standard at Modern School. I am glad to see my son’s understanding of rubrics. During his assessment, he had to rate himself on the basis of the criteria given in the assessment sheet. I was happy to see that he was rating himself on

I am content with how her academic progress is taking shape

I am Swati, mother of a IInd standard child. As a parent I have always been keen about my daughter’s education and syllabus but the last two years of online education made my part in her education a primary aspect along with her teachers. I am content with how her

The Journey of Self Exploration and Confidence

My daughter Mishika Sharma was enrolled in Modern School in 2016 in Grade Kindergarten. Since then, it has been a journey of confidence building and self-exploration. The IB curriculum of the school is one of the most prominent features which fascinated us as Parents. With passage of time, we were

I am so glad that our son Siddhant Jain is a student of Modern School

I am so glad that our son Siddhant Jain is a student of Modern School, the pioneer of IB board in Lucknow. The way the school took a lead in initiation of online  classes during Covid crisis was commendable! The teachers also acted as the frontline Covid warriors and carried

I have seen constant and magical transformation of my daughter

Modern School based in Lucknow is a prestigious school that has immense reputation on imparting overall personality to the students. It implements the challenging International Baccalaureate curriculum and is enriched by excellent trained teachers that are not very common in other traditional schools. My daughter Sai Kanishka joined Modern School from Nursery and

We are incredibly blessed to have our children attending Modern School

We are incredibly blessed to have our children attending Modern School. The entire focus of IB pedagogy in school on “How to learn” rather than “What to learn” is  what I appreciate the most. IB curriculum emphasizes concepts, practical and application based knowledge and fosters in its students the need

Modern School is teaching children to be THINKERS

Modern School provides hands-on, and  a very personalized education. During my son’s time at Modern School, I have been impressed with the way the IB program uses a six-week unit or theme to teach all the core skills (literacy, numeracy, writing, etc.) which makes the learning relevant. The school is teaching

IB curriculum of the school has encouraged the child to be self confident

I, mother of Sanchit Agarwal who studies in Modern School since Nursery, entered the IB curriculum of the school and encouraged the child to be self confident and become a lifelong learner with no burden, even I can say that he enjoys the school and his studies Child centered methods

My son has become more independent

Modern School truly has a very stress-free environment and teachers pay individual attention to each and every student. There is less cramming and I love the way children learn through innovative activities. Ojas has become more independent and has started to progress in creativity, thinking skills and communication in an


I am satisfied with the way by which “THE MODERN SCHOOL” has organized online classes for the students. In this crucial time of corona virus, online classes were fruitful as the studies and co-curricular activities of our children didn’t stop. Through these online classes children are continuously gaining knowledge and

Parents delighted at online learning during Coronavirus

‘My child is getting the next level of knowledge…’ I would like to say that we are very happy and satisfied with the online classes. Everything we say is from the bottom of our hearts.  We observe that many things new things our child is learning and we are very

A thankful parent talks about a Homogeneous culture in the school

My child feels safe and happy, says the parent of the 1st grader The School has a very friendly and caring environment that encourages pupil’s learning and development. I feel it develops a great sense of community. Children are interested in the online classes and they are always ready for