Modern School is teaching children to be THINKERS

Modern School provides hands-on, and  a very personalized education. During my son’s time at Modern School, I have been impressed with the way the IB program uses a six-week unit or theme to teach all the core skills (literacy, numeracy, writing, etc.) which makes the learning relevant. The school is teaching children to be THINKERS, not just memorize answers.

The classes are not quiet, with children copying down answers from the board and drilling for exams….instead, the children are discussing ideas, working together to find solutions, visiting other class-rooms and taking field trips. They are learning to be compassionate, to be well-balanced, and kind. The school is a family. The teachers are challenging yet caring. The students learn as much from each other as from their teachers, and the older students mentor the younger ones across the campus.

Modern School is constantly building and growing, with new renovations and additions each year, but the historical sweetness of the four decades old campus has a charm that balances the modern state of the art instruction taking place within its walls with uprooting Indian values in our kids. At Modern School, they strive to make every individual feel valued, happy and successful. Responsibility, enthusiasm and participation are actively encouraged and integrity is prized. Working together in a safe, caring yet stimulating environment,

Modern School sets high expectations whilst offering strong support, resulting in a community of lifelong learners who can contribute with confidence to our world. We – as parents are always kept precisely informed about our child’s accomplishments and never faced any interaction/communication gaps. Our son loved this school from his toddler days to today, when is ten , and I fondly remember his words : “Mummy , Papa, it‘s fun here, I feel at home”. I think that is a great compliment from a child’s lips on the first day of his school and till today it’s the same!. He is still an enthusiastic child who loves to go to school.

Tanu Agarwal-

Mother of Shourya Agarwal

(PYP 5-Red)

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