I have seen constant and magical transformation of my daughter

Modern School based in Lucknow is a prestigious school that has immense reputation on imparting overall personality to the students. It implements the challenging International Baccalaureate curriculum and is enriched by excellent trained teachers that are not very common in other traditional schools.

My daughter Sai Kanishka joined Modern School from Nursery and currently in the 4th Blue grade. All these years, I have seen constant and magical transformation of my daughter for which we are thankful to the management and teachers of the school. As parents, we can only aspire and think better future for our kids but the most vital component is the school where they are groomed, shaped and inculcate the skills necessary for their future career and to be a better human being.

The IB curriculum at Modern school enabled my daughter to succeed in all tasks and to have actionable outcomes that make them ideal to face any hurdles in life and to overcome them with applying logic. Innovation is the best thing that has happened at Modern school because the methodology of teaching and development of the child makes them self worth and to take the right decisions in building their career and further nation building.

The IB curriculum has impeccable and salient features like developing concepts, logic, open-mindedness, risk-taking capability, reflective and enriching knowledge. Special attention of teacher to each student in the class is only possible via IB curriculum as it is mandatory to focus on each child that is based on special training tools and teaching skills. Building a sense of responsibility towards the community and environment is at the core of all academic and co-curricular activities at Modern school that is a critical component for children to learn and be a part of the environment.

IB curriculum has given my daughter a horizon of benefits via experimental learning techniques, clear objectives and rational thinking capability. Creativity is at its best in IB curriculum as they learn communication, presentation skills and means of working as a team that is essential for future challenges in the career. Thematic learning along with The excellent teaching by the teachers imparted passion to understand fundamentals. 

Solving hurdles using mindfulness and expressing openly giving them freedom with open discussion allowed the students to excel in whatever they do.

Constant PTCM, conducting Cognitos, Olympiad, sports along with theme based activities related to environment and societal related programs has enriched the experience of my daughter and others at school. For this, I am thankful and grateful to the management and especially teachers as they are the main pillars and children look up to the teacher and learn a lot. I wish the teachers and the school all the very best and proud that my daughter is a part of the Modernite family.

Best Regards and Wishes,

Sudha, mother of Sai Kanishka-

(PYP 4-Blue)

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