I am satisfied with the way by which “THE MODERN SCHOOL” has organized online classes for the students. In this crucial time of corona virus, online classes were fruitful as the studies and co-curricular activities of our children didn’t stop. Through these online classes children are continuously gaining knowledge and understanding new things.

I would also like to appreciate the way by which the teacher had managed and organized these classes. The dedication of the teachers and their hard work is really appreciable. Due to this pandemic, the assessment of children didn’t stop. The school started the process of monthly assessment at the end of every month and results were disclosed through well-organized PTCM’s. The parental education sessions were a good initiative to prolong the connection of the parents with the school during this pandemic. These all online sessions were helpful to both the children and the school for continuing their journey of learning.

I would again like to appreciate the effort of teachers to continue the online classes.

– Regards

Nidhi Uppal

[Mother of Maitri Uppal (10 RED)

and Dipali Uppal (7 Red)]

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