Parents delighted at online learning during Coronavirus

‘My child is getting the next level of knowledge…’

I would like to say that we are very happy and satisfied with the online classes. Everything we say is from the bottom of our hearts.  We observe that many things new things our child is learning and we are very happy and satisfied. There are few things in my mind that I would like to share with you-

  1. I saw a good connection between the teachers and students.
  2. The work of teachers is praising how much they prepare before class. My son is responding very nicely
  1. I found that a lot of good values are being taught, I am very impressed with the kind of attention being given to each child.
  2. I saw the wonderful patience of the teachers. I am especially very very thankful to Mrs. Neelam Srivastav, Mrs. Swapnila Pandey, Mrs. Priyanka Rahuja ma’am.
  3. The teachers are giving next-level knowledge. They are teaching how to control themselves, that is the most important thing for study and life. Students are learning discipline by their teachers while staying at home.
  1. We saw some problems with these classes. First is eye problems. It was also managed very well. well by the teachers. In my view, parents should monitor the time spent by a child on computers, TV and mobile screen.

What I say about hobby classes they were also full of knowledge with joy. My son enjoyed those classes.

Thank you so much, Modern School, Lucknow, and devoted teachers.

Pratiksha Singh & Dr. Satyendra Singh

Parents of Adammya Singh

Grade 2 blue.

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