Screen Time

Is Good for Kids — If there’s a human on the other end - Elizabeth Preston

What is it?

Screen time is the time that we spend on any type of electronic screen like Television, smartphones, gaming consoles, etc.  Recent studies have shown that screen time has a direct impact on a child’s mental and physical development. The positive and negative effects are connected with the levels and content of exposure given to the children. 

What is the recommended limit of screen time?

The recommended screen time may vary depending on the age group of the child, however, it is recommended that continuous screen time should not exceed 30-40 minutes with at least a 10-20 mins break in between.

How are we managing it?

During this scenario, we have no other better way to cope up with the academic development of our children. If we don’t conduct the appropriate virtual classes either our children will move on to the next grade without having the required knowledge of the previous class or else they might have to repeat the class. Both ways our kids are at loss. So parents should help to cooperate with students and teachers and support online classes

Some suggestions-

  • During the classes, children can place their smartphones or laptops at a distance and participate in the discussion with their headphones without looking at the screen.
  • They need to look at the screen only when some written explanation is taking place or some videos are being shared.
  • Limit the screen time by reducing the time watching TV shows, cartoons or using social media
  • Wash their eyes with water during the breaks
  • Do a lot of physical exercises in the evening
  • Drink lots of water and eat healthy food especially Vitamin A rich food which is good for our eyes.
  • Don’t strain your eyes on the screen during class discussions and brainstorming sessions.


  Not all screen time is necessarily bad, as there’s a lot of educational content out there as well and they even need to work with screens at school now as technology in schools progresses during this COVID-19 period. Working online increases their technological skills and provokes them to think and do brainstorming which is not affecting their health. On the other hand, it increases the critical thinking power among the children. So if we engage our child for any constructive use of technology that will not harm their health.

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