Libraries allow children to ask questions about the world and find the answers…- Laura Bush

As we all know that we are locked in our homes during this difficult time. But at Modern School, Lucknow, we decided that this should not hinder our children’s education. So we adopted the medium of online education.

All core subjects are being taught online but what about library classes? Apart from the main subjects, there is also a need for all-round development of children. During these hard times when all the physical schools are closed, children do not have access to a physical library, art room, and playground. But then the Modern school found a way out of this situation. We decided to create a virtual Library for them where we conduct online classes for them. This does not imply that only reading links are sent to the children, in fact, an interesting interactive online library class takes place on a regular basis from nursery to grades 8.

  •  Age-appropriate quizzes on various topics are conducted for all the grades.
  •  Narration of interesting stories by the librarian and tasks are given to students to  illustrate those stories.
  • Students are asked to show their creativity by writing poems or stories by themselves and present in the library class.
  •  Activities like- “Who am I?”, where some pictures like personalities, places, cartoon characters are shown to the students and they have to identify
  •  “Identify the story from the picture” activity, In this certain pictures are shown and students have to identify the name of the stories.
  • Group discussions on various topics like-

             1. What is success in your point of view?

             2. What’s the goal of your life?

  • To develop the reading skills in students we show them specially prepared Powerpoint presentations and encourage them to read more.

Not only the students but their parents are also very happy with this initiative taken by the school. They are appreciating and praising the school for the efforts. They are satisfied that Modern School is continuously fulfilling the promise of the overall development of children. The teachers are truly GURUs.

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