ISC and ICSE Board Exam Results

Good grades are life’s way of saying that there is a bright future in store for you

Under these testing times there was a lot of anxiety amongst the board students about their future with the entire country under a lockdown and the remaining exams having been suspended. However, this ordeal came to an end when the Indian Council of Senior Secondary Examination decided to announce the final results on the basis of exams already conducted.

The students of Modern School added a beautiful feather to the school’s cap. Our students graduated with flying colors.

In Class 10 (ICSE) Riddhi Jain topped the school chart by scoring 97%. Kritika Singh, with a total of 96% and Vranda Rastogi with a total of 95.2% are on the second and third positions respectively.

Riddhi Jain - 97.0%
Kritika Singh - 96.0%
Vranda Rastogi - 95.20%
Vranda Rastogi - 95.20%

In Class 12 (ISC) Rohan Agarwal stood first by scoring 95.5%. Anushri Katiyar scored 95.25% and Saumya Jain scored 94.75% and secured second and third positions respectively.

Rohan Agarwal - 95.50%
Anushri Katiyar - 95.25%
Saumya Jain- 94.75%

The Modern School congratulates all its students for an outstanding performance and wishes them luck for their future endeavors.

Our other ISC and ICSE meritorious students are:


Zainab Atiq - 91.0%
Rida Khan - 88.75%
Mrityunjay Upadhyay - 87.0%
Vaibhav Rastogi - 86.25%
Rahul Agarwal - 86.0%
Svarna Agarwal - 85.50%
Sakshi Mishra - 85.50%
Juhi Dayani - 84.25%
Yash Singhal - 84.25%


Nilasha Pandey - 94.0%
Mohd Ahmad - 93.4%
Navya Gaur - 93.2%
Aastha - 92.6%
Srishti Ojha - 92.2%
Janmeyjai Mishra - 91.4%
Divya Shah - 90.0%
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