I am delighted with the way the kids are taught at Modern School

My son is studying in 1st standard at Modern School. I am glad to see my son’s understanding of rubrics. During his assessment, he had to rate himself on the basis of the criteria given in the assessment sheet. I was happy to see that he was rating himself on the basis of his own perception of his understanding of the topic.

Also during the assessment, he was doing it himself saying, “I shall do the assessment on my own otherwise how will I give myself 3 or 4 stars in the rubrics sheet. “Rubrics is the effective way for the self- reflection of the child and then setting goals for himself/ herself. It is a self motivating way of making the child aware of his strong points and area of improvement. It also develops the attribute of being Principled.

I am delighted with the way the kids are taught by eminent and well trained  teachers of Modern School  even during pandemics.

Dr. Parul Verma, mother of Dewank Verma (2Red)

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