Literary Carnival of Middle and Senior Section 2022-23

Literary Carnival was organized by the school’s Student Council between 28th to 30th April. With an intentions to give words and expressions to emotions and recreate the beauty of poetry “Self Composed poems” were included in The Inter House Literary Carnival of Modern School. The event was held in two categories that is 6 to 8 and 9 to 12 and the following best self composed poems were awarded certificates.

Results of the event: SENIOR CATEGORY (9 to 12)

I Prize: Poem by Mrinalika Trivedi
Krishnamurti House

She ached, and she ached
in the clandestine seclusion of her mind;
Because isn’t the body just an armour?
This face simply just a façade?
She ripped herself apart in search of herself;
Her arms outstretched to the bright light;
But all it did was blind her.
She hacked away at her soul
to escape the bruises these shadowy people made on her.
But a heart is more fragile than skin;
it breaks quicker and doesn’t heal.
She abandoned the bags of burden;
leaving them behind.
But memories are more than skin deep,
they never fade with the ticking of time,
But just as she thought she made herself immune,
the dying embers of the kindling
of the twigs of her soul
made her burn inside out.
Her heart still sank even without the
soaring sea of emotions to drown it;
Her will crumble, the tidal wave
of pain sweeping away
the remnants of herself.
She didn’t even notice the walls she
had built around herself,
until she was trapped fully within them.
Her heart was an abyss,
and she yearned again for the thing
she had never attained.
She sought freedom from who else
but her greatest enemy herself.

II Prize: Khushi Kapoor (Gita)

Oh Liberty! Oh Liberty!
When will I live?

Oh Liberty! Oh Liberty!
When will I breathe?
Because if my voyage,
Remains the same, I will die before my death.
Like the betrayed daisy who stops to live,
Before me hunters give it a pick.
Sleep and giggle,
Like your goosebumps are a bubble;
Shout and shiver,
Like my mom teaches me to flow limpid as the river.
Oh dear! Oh dear!
For the girls to wear what they want,
And the boys to cry when they want.
While Tagore’s words are apparently true,
And yet provide the same pink view.
Liberty, Twisted Freedom, aren’t they big words?
To fly as high and high
As the kite is struck.
Oh but dear! The kite isn’t free,
It sweeps and yet has a hand it accompanies.
Oh dear! Oh dear!
It was written in the stars,
Look at the parrot behind the cage bars.
Then if you get your own bread and butter;
No mouth should be there for a word to utter!
If you can define your own success,
And decide the way you dress,
If you can live as awake as that dog
And not let yourself cry to bed in fog.
Oh dear! Oh dear!
Then you are free.
Oh dear! Oh dear!
Don’t die before your death here!


Lets see what freedom is
And what prices we paid for this.
Freedom is when the youth
Does not fear to speak the truth.
As long as there is no free will
Even if physically free, your mind is chained still.
Freedom is true
Only when you are free to be YOU.
‘Let things take its course’ people say
‘Tomorrow is another day.’
I do not need freedom when I am dead
If I cannot live with a raised head.
Freedom always comes with a price
Honour those who sacrifice.
Respect those who endured the pains
To break us free from the chains.
Away from family, yearning to be with their husbands and wives
Those who, for our own freedom, risk their lives.
Life is temporary but their actions stay
Their Songs of Freedom not even time can erase.

Results of the event: Middle School (6 to 8)



A true friend is only one,
To bring all the joy and fun.
Trust is all it takes to build,
And once it falls, you’ll feel the guilt.
And caring as they could be,
Love will be all that you could see.
Will keep you company during bad days,
Saying, “I’ll vanish these sad days!”
Happiness will surround you from all sides,
Oh ignore all those silly fights.
And every moment that you both spent,
Will have memory attached to them.

And true friends can never be apart,
As they will always be joined in heart.
In the cold they’ll keep you warm,
May it be the city or the farm.
Laughing all the way,
Could be silly as I say.
But deep in heart you’ll know,
You’ll never feel again this way.
At last I’ll tell you all,
Don’t let this friendship fall.
As it is a special bond,
That you all should be fond.

II Prize: Garvita Bountra, 8 Blue, (Gita)

A friendship with all honesty
is something on I can swear.
It can last forever without disharmony
filled with kindness that one cannot bear.
And here comes loyalty which is a must,
it is a key to unlock true friendship
and gaining each other’s trust.
Make true friendships happen to create memories that are gold.
then open up those albums filled with pictures
laugh at it and wonder as you get old.
What fun things did you do in these marvelous adventures!
Long lasting friendships are not that rare
But make sure this one is legendary
and make it something that you care.
It will be so important that you cannot even bury.
A friendship with all honesty and loyalty
can be certain to last forever,
filled with kindness without any disharmony
is sure to end never!

III Prize: Hamida Hasan Farahi, 8th Blue – Krishnamurti

Friendship is like a bliss
without which, we can’t bear
the loneliness we will face
and the ache in the heart which we fear.
Loneliness can teach you self help
and self satisfaction
but with no one to withstand
we might fall in another’s hand.
With friendship, we can be strong.
It doesn’t teach us wrong.
It can teach us teamwork
and to sacrifice for others.
When there is a true friend by your side,
there is someone to support you
and a shoulder to weep on
and someone you can tell your secrets.
When you have found a true friend,
remember success is right on your side
but don’t forget the importance
of friendship in your life.

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