Investiture Ceremony 2022

“Responsibilities gravitate towards those who can shoulder them.” – Tom Stoppard


It is often said that with great power comes great responsibility and being a badge holder is an experience in a student’s life that is cherished forever.

Modern School’s Investiture ceremony was held on 19 July 2022 where all the selected badge holders were felicitated by our respected Principal Ma’am Ms. Meena Kane, in the presence of all the parent community. Principal ma’am addressed the students and their parents with her encouraging words and wished them every success in fulfilling their duties.

The elections for the nominated candidates took place in two rounds. The PYP had its elections on 4 May. MYP and the Senior school was held on 11 July. The student body casted its vote for the nominated candidates.

This process inculcated a sense of responsibility in all the badge holders as well as other students who voted for the deserving candidates. The ceremony was a perfect example of student agency where they are being given voice and choice so that they can take ownership of their actions. Each student was given an opportunity to self-reflect so that he or she can assess one’s own abilities and work according to that and that’s how they filed their nominations for different areas of responsibility.

The selected students felt a sense of great privilege to shoulder such responsibility whereby upholding both the school’s prestige as well as one’s own merit.

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