The Journey of Self Exploration and Confidence

My daughter Mishika Sharma was enrolled in Modern School in 2016 in Grade Kindergarten. Since then, it has been a journey of confidence building and self-exploration.

The IB curriculum of the school is one of the most prominent features which fascinated us as Parents. With passage of time, we were more convinced with the teaching and learning process of the school. The teachers facilitate the learning process and mentor the students to be inquirer and lifelong learners. I have seen immense improvement in Mishika with each passing year in the school, she is well groomed and articulate.

Our opinion about the school grew stronger when the world was hit by COVID-19 Pandemic. The entire world was impacted by this pandemic and so were adults and children equally. We all adopted newer ways of working and with more exposure to the virtual world or online working platforms.

Adults and Children equally adapted to newer ways of learning and showed much resilience towards the changing situation.

My all appreciation to Modern School Management and Teachers the way online classes were conducted. Teachers and Students were equally engaged and made it a very constructive process of learning. The classes were facilitated well and teachers paid equal attention to all students.

As a parent I did not observe any learning gap in Mishika, in fact I found her to be more confident and a good communicator. My special gratitude to her teachers for putting their best efforts during online Classes. Now the situation being better hybrid classes have started and I feel School would maintain the same momentum.

My Best Wishes to School Management and Teachers.

Thank You

Shalini Chatturvedi, Mother of Mishika Sharma (5 Red)

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