Just spread the light of your vision in every student’s life

Prabhakar Singh, father of Saanvi (Grade 2) & Bhargavi (Grade 1)

At the outset I would like to thank Vidyatree Modern for being there and providing IB education in Lucknow. Whenever I talk to my friends and relatives from Metropolitan cities they get surprised to hear that we have an IB school in Lucknow and that too at such a low fees.

I am highly impressed with the education methodology adopted by your school and showing our tiny tots the path of light for their future. Studying at VMWC provides the students with perfect mix of classroom education, field visits, sports and also cultural activities.

VMWC provides stress free environment to the students which stimulates creative thinking and make them first hand learner.

The focus on factors like IB Learner Attributes, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Higher Order Thinking Skills truly helps them in developing their personality and becoming a good hu????
man being. For this I would like to quote an example: One day in the assembly causes of diabetes were being discussed along with the measures to avoid it. So in the evening out of curiosity I asked my daughter about it and to my surprise my daughter who is in second standard explained everything to me.

I’ll sum up by saying: Vidyatree Modern, just spread the light of your vision in every student’s life ……… EDUCATION FOR LIFE.

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