Trip to Mashobra : Unforgettable memories for a Lifetime

It was a wonderful experience for the group of fifty two students from grade V-XII and five staff members including the Principal Ms. Meena Kane, Mrs. Sunita Pant, Ms. Triptee Srivastava, Ms. Rashi Karnatak and Mr. Rajneesh Trivedi to attend a three day adventure camp at Mashobra (H.P.). The perfect blend of the picturesque beauty and electrifying adventure sport activities charged all the campers with energy and joy. Such activities give the students an opportunity to display and enhance their social skills and skill of self-management. Overcoming fear and apprehensions, they performed various activities and displayed their courageous attribute. The way senior students took the lead and took care of their junior campers was exemplary. The group came back rejuvenated and ready to lever the tasks for the session.

This is how some campers summed their experience:

Fire in the mountain- run, run, run!  

Ayushi Sinha

One journey I’ll never forget!

 Shivang Batham

One of my best experiences!

 Megha Jain

An epic journey to the Elysium..

 Dhanur Dravid

Yummy yum food!

Ayush Pal

Amazing adventurous activities and Surprises of nature.….

 Aleem Iqbal

The train journey was nothing like before… ..

Muskan Rastogi

A lot of masti….missing it!

Vibhav Bagga

It’s amazing to be so close to nature…                                    

Disha Verma

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