Scholarship for IIT-JEE Coaching

Three things that never come back: the harsh word, the spent arrow and the lost opportunity.


A good life means: physically and mentally healthy life, good relationships and most important, an enjoyable career where you have great chance to excel, be a leader & be well paid.

If you do not plan now, when you have the chance in school life, you will be forced to get admission to the local or low grade institutions of Lucknow or India after class twelfth, where admission is easy but there is poor preparation for careers and limited choices. If you pass out from poor quality colleges / universities, the salary as per current rates is 4 to 6 lakhs per year in 2-3 years of passing. By low grade is meant, institutions who do not care for their students, classrooms are overcrowded, facilities are poor, teachers are low paid, school leadership is poor or dishonest, owners are not focused on the best development of students, etc.

The better colleges / universities admit on the basis of all round strong personality, care for the students – train them well for careers, teachers are well paid, school leadership is strong and honest, etc. The top hundred best in the world are outside India. The next hundred include IITs and a few others ranked about 140 to 150. But the admission to these are solely based on one aspect of your personality – mental ability and competition that ranks children. Those students who want to take this route, as it is very popular in the city, for them, the school is tying up with a coaching institute for special arrangements.For children passing from these institutions, the salaries can be about 15 lakhs per year within 2 to 3 years of getting employment. As for admissions to IIT, for example, if 100 children apply for IIT, generally only one gets in.

For those children, who think that they have other strong personality characteristics or personal potentials, which are actually more suitable to modern work environment of the future – like five skills, courage, guts, resilience, mental strength for thinking-learning-research, who want greater flexibility in choosing courses and careers, they can seek to get into top 300 hundred universities of the world. In the top universities you have flexibility of studies: you can change your courses midway in most cases as you discover more about yourself. For this and the upcoming new private universities in India, which will admit you and may give scholarships on the basis of your CV, your outstanding record of skills, services, co-curricular activities, hobbies, projects,etc. And your report and personal interview. If the students are outstanding, because of your school’s outstanding educational program and opportunities for outstanding development plus your efforts, then the universities will take you and very likely, offer scholarships. We have already appointed an international consultancy for guiding students for admission to top universities / colleges of India and the world. Students passing from the top universities shall command salaries between 25 lakhs to 100 lakhs per year, depending on their school school and university record.

For admission for top universities, the school has made special arrangements for enriching the personality of the child & CV, as is required – providing CAS opportunities (Creativity, Action, Service). The CAS guideline booklet is enclosed. Children class XII can start during the summer vacation and finish by September, before the admission process starts. In fact students right from class IX to class XII can take up team based CAS projects. Exceptional projects and making real difference to the world will make you outstanding and enable you for university’s consideration.

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