Maths-is-Easy: demonstrate VMWC students

How many times have you ever heard someone say ‘Maths is Easy!’?

We at Vidyatree Modern World College would answer always!

Mathematics Cognito, our annual mathematics fair, is a display of the statement ‘Maths is Easy’ with every student participating enthusiastically, displaying exhibits of maths in everyday life.

With a wholehearted participation from students of all classes, an array of exhibits filled up the room. While some students focused on the use of mid-point theorem in construction of bridges and towers, and history of number system, there were others who included maths in their passion by displaying how to measure the speed of ball in cricket.

Students at Maths Cognito 2016
Student displaying how the Barcode works

Also, there were few who used maths and technology showcasing quadratic equations in the game Angry Birds, and the mathematics of barcodes and QR codes.

Pre-primary students too excitedly presented Venn diagrams to discuss differences and similarities between themselves and their family members, and arranging car number plates in ascending and descending order. Justice D K Trivedi, Chairman of the school’s committee, congratulated the school and remarked, “Every class performed well. It was an excellent show.”

We had also released a booklet on this occasion, ‘How to help your child love mathematics’, which is beautifully designed with simple tips that parents can try anytime. Mr. Rakesh Kapoor, the school’s Founder declared, “The prevailing tendency of fear of mathematics must end. Each child is capable of understanding maths.”

Mathematics is the basis of modern technological world and is must for at least 70% of modern careers. Yet most children, the world over, fear and hate mathematics. With a curriculum that follows the philosophy of ‘Maths is Easy’, we aim at removing the fear of maths from the minds of students and parents likewise. And our annual mathematics fair shows how successful we have been in our endeavour.

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