Students of IX and XI Were Felicitated for Academic Session 2015-16

The inherent skills of students of class IX and XI were appreciated on 25th March 2016.

The event started with prayer service. The principal, Ms. Meena Kane addressed the assembly and explained the significance of chanting ‘Ohm’ and meaning of shloka ‘Asato ma sadgamay..’. It was followed by the guidelines for the successful studies for the coming session by the teachers teaching senior section. Ms. Saroj Rai explained them the significance of self-study and asked them to refrain from joining coaching classes which consume their time and energy and provide no significant improvement. Whereas Ms. Sunita Pant emphasised on regularity and punctuality in coming to school, Ms. Vineeta Kachroo told the students to be regular in doing their home assignments with help of mobile app Vidyatree connectEd. The students of IX and XI were invited with their parents and awarded with certificates for the skills and attitudes they displayed in the academic session 2015-16. They were also handed over the mark sheets. The students left the school with aspirations and enthusiasm for the new session ahead.

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