Six Parent Tips for Navigating Online Learning

The Corona virus pandemic continues to get more serious, across the whole world. All the physical schools in the country have resorted to remote learning and thus the usage of the internet is becoming indispensable. However we must not forget that it is indeed cumbersome for a parent to navigate online learning for younger children (especially the Primary sections).

Below are few tips for the parents to execute efficient and effective online learning.

1. A ‘Digital Quarantine’ is must
You should limit the use of devices other than what is required to complete their work. You might want to allow them to play on a device during a designated break which should however be limited.

2. Make space for learning
It is important for you to create a learning space for your child. The best work can be only achieved in a quiet and comfortable space strictly devoted to learning. No other distractions should be there like T.V.

3. Keep in touch with the school and other parents
Social distancing is important during this time, but staying in touch with the school via the virtual learning app Lernio is very important. You can keep in touch with the school and the teachers by posting your queries or sharing your experiences about your child being at home and going through a new experience. Check in with other parents to see what they’ve found effective, and ask if they need help as well.

4. A ‘TIME TABLE’ is extremely important
It is very likely that you and your child are doing work from home for the very first time; therefore a set schedule is imperative. To start with, you must keep them on a similar sleeping schedule as the normal school going days. The school provides an everyday time table which must be honestly followed by the child and help them prioritize their work.

5. Do not make them think it’s a ‘VACATION’

Your child might think that staying at home means a vacation but it’s important to remind them that their education still comes first. Obligations like class assignments, grades, and tests have still the same value as they used to have in a normal school, they can’t take them lightly because classes have moved online.

6. There must always be time for some ‘FUN’
Keeping the fact in mind that it’s not a vacation, still it is important to have some fun with your children while they are at home. It is rare that you have this much time with your children, so use it as an opportunity to bond with them. We recommend playing board games like Ludo, Chess etc. or painting or playing dumb charades.

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