During these hard times when we are in the midst of an unprecedented crisis, there must be a way through which we can tackle our problems. Once such problem faced by parents is their children being at home. Since the children are spending most of their time watching TV parents are often concerned about what type of content their child is exposed to when it comes to television.Well, technology is not always a curse, it can be beneficial too when it comes to watching the right thing on the television. There are a variety of shows that can provide you amazing knowledge, so if you feel your child is a little bored with reading that encyclopedia book you can check out these shows to learn in a fun way. This article would summarize the top 5 educational shows that your child must watch on television.

: 3 yrs old +
Available on: YouTube

Educational elements: If there’s a way to grab kids attention and get them to care about the ocean, and sea life – then this is it! Your kids will learn lots of fun facts about the stunning and diverse marine life through the adventures of the Octonauts.

This is a great show for little kids and older siblings – there’s no violence but instead lots of adventure, teamwork and facts!

Tumble Leaf
Age: 4 yrs old +
Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Tumble Leaf follows the visually stunning blue fox, Fig, and his little friend, Stick, as they make exciting discoveries that teach science concepts and solutions to problems to little ones.

The format is only 15 minutes long so it’s perfect for little ones with shorter attention.

Odd Squad
5yrs +
Available on: Netflix

In this fast-paced show acted by kids, Olive and Otto, are the two main agents from the Odd Squad, who are dispatched to investigate odd problems. Their boss, by the way, is another strong female character (high five!). A math concept is embedded in each of their cases, and Olive and Otto must solve the problem-solve to rescue the situation.

Educational elements include: Math skills are practised here in a fun engaging way: addition, subtraction, fact families and recognising patterns.

The Blue Planet
Age: 7 yrs+
Available on: You Tube

The Blue Planet is a much-watched BBC series for the next generation. It’s stunningly shot and provides a wonderful look at the wonders of nature. As it’s a nature programme there are scenes of hunting and animals killing others so although those younger than the recommended age may be keen to view it’s worth bearing this in mind for sensitive kids.

Educational elements include: Fascinating look at nature, wildlife and broader environmental issues.

Myth Busters Junior
Age: 8yrs+
Available on: Discovery Channel

This 10-episode series sees the co-host of Mythbusters, Adam Savage, mentoring six kids in the fields of engineering, welding, astrophysics and design. Every week Adam and the kids get into teams to test the science behind claims such as “a slinky toy hovers when dropped from a height” and “spider webs are as strong as steel”.

Educational elements include: Information on engineering, welding, astrophysics and design plus the show highlights the importance of teamwork and lateral thinking.

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