Alma mater ensures my all round development

Nowadays we are observing a common situation in our everyday life, which gives nothing more than a boring feeling often called ‘Lockdown’. Everything is affected by the virtue of a deadly virus called COVID 19, but nevertheless, it would never appear as a barrier in learning for students because our every time beloved school is planning to have some online classes . These classes are totally appearing as an online background which is not only teaching with joy but a bunch of knowledge is focused to have such great sensible connections between the teacher and his students that could be fruitful to make the finest bonds between all of us. These classes are the most important background that our ‘alma mater’ is providing us to practice mindfulness and knowing thyself. Since, we are in a very boring cum important phase to set such a plan where we are totally focused to be in discipline. Personally, I myself focus on managing my day at every point and every time. Hence, we should totally bring a space where we synchronize our day such that we effectively are focused on managing our time.

– Aradhya Srivastava (Grade 10)

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