Rector Sir Rakesh Kapoor gets additional training on Mindfulness from MiSP

Mr. Rakesh Kapoor, Rector VMWC and a prominent Mindfulness International trainer added a feather in his cap by getting additional training from MiSP (Mindfulness in School Project) at London, 14th to 18th Feb  2018. He had attended to learn if newer smartphone technologies can be harnessed for teaching mindfulness.

Most children are deeply stressed with the burden of improper methods of education, peer pressure and resulting deterioration of health, happiness and well being. Even we see in our society sometimes teachers are disgruntled or unsatisfied with issues and gradually take out the frustration on children. Mindfulness and meditation helps bring calmness and positivity to children as well as teachers.

This just not brings behavioral changes but also reduces stress and makes them focus on realities. Mindfulness practice is a part of morning assembly for teachers and children at VMWC. This daily practice helps to focus on present moment and keep the mind fresh and its maximum power; rather than issues of past or expectations of future – future is also mostly a projection of the past.

Mindfulness is practiced at Vidyatree Modern World College under the guidance of Kapoor Sir which helps the Vidyatree Modern community to be the best place for children to grow and for teachers to practice their vocation.

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