Student Led Conference (SLC) of Primary (Grade I to IV)

VMWC (IB PYP) organized its Student Led Conference on 17th February 2018 .

“Student-led conferences involve the student and the parents. The students are responsible for leading the conference, and also take responsibility for their learning by sharing the process with their parents… The conference involves the student discussing and reflecting upon samples of work that they have previously chosen to share with their parents. These samples have been previously selected with guidance and support from the teacher, and could be from the student’s portfolio.

There were different stations in the class, like: English, Maths, Science, Social studies and French.

Students from Grade nursery to Grade 4 welcomed their parents in their respective classrooms and demonstrated their journey of learning through various activities like……………

Role play on ‘Importance of plants’ by grade 1, Science experiments like ‘Reflection & Refraction’ and poem on ‘Swachh Bharat’ by grade 2, ‘Structure of Earth’ by grade 3 where students explained about different layers of the Earth and gases involved in each layer and causes of natural disasters, decimals and fractions on number line by grade 4.

French station was special attraction this year as parents were glad to hear their kids translating English words to French. Parents also performed the activities with great involvement and enjoyment.

Parents were immensely happy to see their child demonstrating the transdisciplinary skills that they are learning in a real and significant context.

The feedback from the SLCs was overwhelmingly positive from students, parents and teachers and was an extremely positive experience for our school.

Some selected quotes from parents included:

“A great opportunity for the students to reflect and share what they have learned”

“The dedication and enthusiasm of the students is obvious.”

“More dynamic with more participation from everyone.”

“It is incredible that the students share their goals with us and all of the things that they have learned.”

“The students have grown and have lost their fear in sharing what they have learned with us.”

Everyone enjoyed participating in the SLC.


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