Knowing our family history enable us to discover our culture and origin

We have family we have love let’s see the joy and spread over the world ..
Theme – Where we are in place and time.
Central idea – Knowing about our histories enable us to discover our culture, origin and develop historical awareness.
Throughout the unit learners actively participated and  were curious  to see what will be discussed next.
LOI 1- Ways we find out about our family histories
Learners were told to bring the heirlooms.They themselves understood the importance of the heirlooms by telling their classmates that these are the things of my great grand parents. This helped them to understand the word heirlooms.
LOI 2 – Family histories
Learners were given the task to bring a photograph of their family. They themself understood the difference between  joint and nuclear family by seeing each other’s photographs. To make the topic more interesting we invited a guest speaker. They made a generation chart and wrote the  names of their maternal and paternal grandparents.
LOI -3 How family histories are different or alike
Learners were made to sit in pairs and discuss the similarities and differences of each other’s families.Then they made a Venn diagram and drew those similarities and differences.

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