Celebration of International Buddhist Dhamma Day

On the pious occasion of International Buddhist Dhamma Day, Shri Rakesh Kapoor, Founder, Rector and creator of Mindfulness Curriculum for the students of the college, inaugurated the revised curriculum. On this auspicious day Gautama the Buddha preached his first sermon about 2500 years back. Vidyatree Modern World College, formerly called Modern College, was founded to propagate the mindfulness, as propounded by Shri Jiddu Krishnamurti in the 20th century.


The mindfulness curriculum’s first lesson plan, as re-created by Shri Rakesh Kapoor, consists of inquiry and investigation into fear as an illusion because “Fear cripples intelligence”. The program aims to develop an understanding among students and teachers on how the mind responds to different situations and challenges, how fear is different from responding to danger and thereby helping children and teachers to grow as mentally free and good human beings. A Mindful School is also a safe school.

Shri Rakesh Kapoor said that Vidyatree Modern World College aims at imparting an education to its students which will help create a society where people live peacefully in harmony with each other and children grow in great mental power and goodness. A Mindful School is also a safe school. For students to live a life with a lot of creative energy and understanding, it is essential that in a school children not only learn technical skills and acquire academic excellence but also ‘Know Thyself’ which is the school’s motto, how illusionary fear and sense of insecurity if rooted in the mind, destroys it.


Vidyatree Modern Curriculum gives due emphasis to academic and mental health development, which aims to help a child lead a life free of conflict, stress and fear, and also help the child excel in his career or profession.

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