The teacher knows my child more than I do and I’m lucky to have my child in VMWC

We parents of Anany Kumar Rai grade L.K.G. blue would like to take this opportunity and utilize this platform to express our feelings and gratitude towards the school and the class teacher ma’am Mrs. Priyanka Sinha.

     Choosing the best school for their child is a very tough decision for any parents because every parent wants to give the best education to their child which must be fruitful for the whole life. To be an encyclopedia is not enough to live a good life but some qualities like self-confidence, positive attitude cheerful personality, solution finding person, ready to face challenges, responsibility bearer must be present in an individual so that he/she can live their lives in the best way. These all kinds of thoughts were running through our mind when we were going to start the educational life of Anany. We were confused about what should we follow a crowd blindly, in which every parent and school are producing a lot of Robots and “Mugging machine” or should we adopt IB curriculum for our child which is more practical and application-based, it has a broader spectrum of subjects that lead to all-round development. Finally, we reach a conclusion that IB is best for our child, and we are very lucky that we got one and only IB SCHOOL in Lucknow that is “Vidyatree Modern World College”.
                           My child Anany’s journey has been started with this school and I saw a lot of improvement in him like he loves his school so much, he wants to spend much more time in his school, I think it can be possible with the teacher’s effort and Anany’s is so lucky to have a mentor like his Priyanka Ma’am, she knows Anany more than me , and because of her care, attention, love Anany loves his school so much. He has become extrovert from an introvert, I am speechless to share my feelings to see his presentation on recitation competition. He looked like so confident, expressive, cheerful, without no fear these all are the remarkable changes in him. I remember that incident in which I saw in him stage phobia, he doesn’t want to give a solo performance on stage. By the way of teaching of this school, he knows how to protect our earth, save water, save electricity. there are a lot of words have been added in his vocab, sometimes that words are new for me and I become s so happy to learn from him. He always keeps his things at their right place, he loves to do his homework. by himself. Whatever Priyanka ma’am teach him, he always follows it. he tries to speak in English and at the age of 4, his accent is superb. Regarding group activities which nurtures the sense of trust and belongingness.
                  I will sum up with my words that I get a right place for my child and heart is full of gratitude. thanks a lot, Priyanka ma’am to give my child love care and support. I will suggest every parent choose this school for their happy life.
Roma Rai & Saket Kumar Rai

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