Field trip to the Fire Station

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Students of Grade Nursery experienced a fun yet educational field trip on 15th January, 2016 when they visited the post office, The Cherry tree bakery and the Uttar Pradesh Fire Service Station.

At the fire station, they had a blast touring the station and observing how the fire fighters live day-to-day. The kids were able to go inside a fire truck, see a fire fighter put on his full gear, watch a fire fighter slide down the pole, and learned about fire safety. All the kids were so excited and even commented how they want to be fire fighters when they grow up.

At the post office, students followed a letter from its point of entry into the building to its departure for delivery. The experience showed students how the mail touches everyone’s lives every day. They left with a better understanding of how the local post office binds the community together and connects local citizens with the nation and the world.
At the Cherry Tree bakery, the bakers put on quite a demonstration. The kids got paper baking hats. They learnt about doughnut making, cake decoration and saw cookies being made by the dozens. On the way out the kitchen door, they had specially made for them Fruit basket pastry and a chocolate of their choice.

The kids thanked all the community helpers with a thank you card and wished them Happy New Year. Not only did the field trip left me amazed with the kind of enthusiasm my kids demonstrated and the way they questioned the officers at each of the community centre, but the kids played ‘fire fighter – fire fighter’ for hours afterwards. These were the experiences that our kids will take with them for the rest of their lives!

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