Vidyatree Modernites Salute Ultimate Source Of Energy with Surya Namaskar

Suryanamaskar offers prayers to the rising sun in the morning along with a series of twelve physical postures with regulated breathing and relaxation. It improves concentration and cognitive function along with strengthening mental and physical fitness. To encourage and recommend Suryanamaskar as an effective physical activity, students assemble in School auditorium and enjoy the Sun Salutation as it involves both static stretching and slow dynamic component of exercise with optimal stress on the cardio-respiratory system. Students also meditate after this activity. School always gives the students an environment that empowers the internal strength of the students making them always ready to learn something new and strong enough to face the challenges of life.[su_carousel source=”media: 8423,8455,8421,8420,8418″ limit=”35″ link=”lightbox” width=”400″ height=”140″ autoplay=”3000″]




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