What is Mindfulness?

Time is of two kinds. The real time and the psychological time.

Real time that is termed as objective time can be understood by following examples:

  1. The tea was served hot fifteen minutes ago and has now become cold.
  2. He was born in 1856 and died in 1934.
  3. Over the years my body muscles have become stronger.
  4. Due to compound interest, my money will be doubled in five years.

Psychological time that is termed as subjective time can be understood by following examples:

  1. I will feel happier if I have that dress to wear.
  2. I will be happier if I become richer.
  3. The presence of a particular person in the meeting will put me off.
  4. Whenever I am alone, I miss the company of a friend who died long ago.

Real time is always changing things, people and situations.

Psychological time is a set of accumulated fixations or dissatisfaction with the experience of the present moment.

Mindfulness is about freeing the mind of all psychological / subjective time. Subjective time is the source of unhappiness. The accumulated experiences, fixations and conditionings distort our perceptions of self’s relations to the world.  The result is inaccurate understanding of life’s terrain and we fall into all kinds of self-made traps and holes. These falls or conflicts with reality cause unhappiness. Mindfulness and emptying the mind of conditionings prevent unhappiness and lead to more significant life.

Rakesh Kapoor

BA (English), M Ed, Certified Organizational Coach (Columbia)

Samkhya Yoga – Dhyan teacher

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