Community Helpers

Community Helpers

Our little learners in grade nursery are learning about community helpers in their Unit of Inquiry, under the theme ‘Community helpers’. Keeping in mind the real-life role of community helpers in our lives we invited a few of them to our online classes. They had enjoyable interactions with our kids and shared their experiences with them.

A Policeman

The learners met a policeman, who told them about his tools and duties. The session was really amazing as our curious learners asked many interesting questions. Some of their queries were about the coronavirus. Some learners asked why we are under the threat of this scary virus and how we could help ourselves and others. The policeman tried to spread awareness about the preventive measures of coronavirus amongst our little learners. The session was carried out very well. The students realised the hard work and perseverance of the police department during this pandemic. 

A Doctor

In our next class, we invited a doctor who explained to the learners about this pandemic situation and how the doctors are dealing with the condition. He also explained to them the various preventive measures everyone should take to stay safe. He also explained to the little learners about the various equipment used by a doctor. He also told them about social distancing and sanitization.The session went out well with curious concerns of learners.

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