Benefits of Yoga during exams

Perks of doing yoga during examination

Effective Brain Development

Exercise boosts the production of the protein called FNDC5 and releases it to the bloodstream. This type of protein facilitates existing brain cells to continuously reproduce. In short, daily exercises promote a healthier and stronger brain.

Enhanced Memory

The protein that your body generates during exercise responds well with the region in the brain that is responsible for memory retention. If you’re an online student, you should know that regular exercise boosts your memory.

Better Concentration

According to research, exercises performed in as little as 20 minutes before studying or as a study break can boosts concentration. Intense activities such as aerobics, jogging, or brisk walking can promote better circulation of the blood from your body to the brain. This, in turn, enables effective cell growth for learning and cognition.

Reduced Stress

Studies have demonstrated that Yoga and exercise routines have a positive effect on the brain and nervous system. These activities stabilize the blood pressure and keep your heart rate in check when it goes on haywire mode under extreme pressure (such as during exams!).

Reduced Eye Strain and Headaches

Exercise allows you to take your eyes off the screen. This is quite ideal for online college students who spend most of their time studying and looking at their desktops or laptops. You may gaze at lecture slides for a considerable length of time at once, but the ideal break is not really a movie or a show on TV. Your eyes merit a break from the strain you’ve put on them just to have a high GPA. Therefore, it’s best to consider yoga and exercise.

Increased Motivation and Productivity

Exercise, as a form of study break for students, was found to help improve productivity levels. It is an effective method to get yourself pumped for your coursework. Yoga classes also help you become motivated by releasing unwanted stress-causing toxins. Exercise will allow you to take time for yourself, remain motivated to complete your academic tasks.

Better Sleep Quality

Lack of sleep quality can be associated with hypertension, obesity, low academic performance, and depression, among other health conditions. Integrating Yoga into your study breaks results in better sleep quality. A research found that those who do Yoga and exercises sleep longer and feel more rested during the day compared with those who only spent their day sitting in front of their computer.

Improved Academic Performance

From a study conducted by the International Journal of Yoga, it was found that scholastic performance was enhanced in students who frequently practice or attend Yoga classes as opposed to those who do not. According to the study, academic or scholastic performance was described as the capacity to perform tasks and show capability in academic tests with standard reviewing methods.

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