Development of Communication Skills

How to master Communication skills in ICSE

For the Internal Assessment of Grade 9 and10 the Council conducts Aural and Orals


Listening skills

The main idea is that the candidate understands the comprehension accurately as well as the relevant points in the passage. Recalls all the important points made. Uses appropriate and correct vocabulary and clearly understands the context and can widely correlate the passage to the other areas.

A passage of about 300 words is read aloud by the examiner twice, the first time at normal reading speed and the next time at a slower speed. Candidates may make brief notes during the readings. They then answer an objective type test based on the passage.


Speaking skills

The main idea is that the candidate speaks and has full command over the language. Matter is relevant, rich in content and original. Content is well sequenced and organized. Uses appropriate vocabulary and pronounces word correctly. Emphasizes  the important points. Uses natural and spontaneous gestures.

Each candidate is required to make an oral presentation for about two minutes, which will be followed by a discussion on the subject with the examiners, for about three minutes.

Subjects for presentation may include narrating an experience, providing a description, giving directions how to make or operate something, expressing an opinion, giving a report, relating an anecdote or commenting on a current event.

A candidate may refer to brief notes in the course of the presentation but reading or excessive dependence on notes will be penalized.


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