Age-related ‘Daily chores’ recommended for your Kids

Age-related ‘Daily chores’ recommended for your Kids

Kids Who Do Chores, Grow up to be more Successful, Responsible and Happier Adults

Getting children into the habit of pitching in around the home can begin as young as age two; by having them put away their toys when they are done playing with them. Children can learn a lot from doing household chores. As being involved in chores also gives children ‘Experience of relationship skills’ like communicating clearly, negotiating, cooperating and working as a team.

When children contribute to family life, it helps them feel competent and responsible. Even if they don’t enjoy the chores, when they keep doing they get the feeling of satisfaction that comes with finishing a task. 

As due to this pandemic situation of COVID-19, where everyone is restricted to their houses and can’t move outside, so this is the best time whereas a parent, you can give or spend more time with your kids, and as a kid, you can spend some more quality time with your parents by helping them out in different household chores.

The secret of involving children in household chores is asking for contributions that you value and that suit your children’s ages and abilities. A chore that’s too hard can be frustrating – or even dangerous – and one that’s too easy might be boring.

2-5 years children

Ask them to…

  • Pick up toys and books and keeping them properly by sorting it out on the basis of their shapes and size.
  • Put clothes on clothes hooks or cupboards by sorting them out on the basis of its color.
  • Set placemats on the dinner table.

(These one are pretty simple and teaches your kids how to organize and arrange the things in real life.)

6-11 years children

Ask them to…

  • Set the bookshelf by sorting the books via authors or alphabetically.
  • Clean their room under supervision.
  • Hand your wet clothes to be hung out to dry.
  • Set the table for meals.
  • Fill up the pet’s food dish.

(As being an IB School we pay more focus on the development of Attributes and skills, so these chores would help kids to be self-managed and caring toward their stuff.)

12 years and above

Ask them to…

  • Water the garden and indoor plants.
  • Feed pets
  • Help with choosing meals, preparing and serving, under supervision.
  • Playing chef and making breakfast once a week.
  • Help with arranging the kitchen spices by alphabetizing it.
  • Help by cleaning up their dishes.
  • Clean up their room or renovate it as per their choice.

As the age group of 12 and above is an adolescence stage, where children try to make their own space and sometimes don’t tends to share their emotions and experiences. So this is the correct time, where you can give some more time to your kids and getting them involve in these household chores will make them more open towards you as well as develop the feeling of independence with responsibility among them.

Some important things to avoid when it comes to chores…

  1. Don’t insist on perfection as no one is perfect, and it’s better to have more relaxed approach to how well your kids do their chores.
  2. Don’t be stingy with praise. Get that praise going right away! You need to build a positive momentum.


Remember, children like being feeling like they are contributing to the family. They like to feel like they have helped to keep everything going. They also learn quickly that if they help out, everyone has more time to play and relax together.

Now it’s your time to get your kids on board…

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